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  1. Legit same thing happened to me lol. If you have more then a 100k bank you get banned for RWT. Uninstalled this morning.
  2. Not a bad vid! Maybe put less clips of chancing kids unless its stupid...like a 75-0 on 80hp lol
  3. Not bad at all. G maul is so broken lol especially in no arm risking.
  4. I think a more active staff would definitely be helpful. Overall some changes/removals need to be made on this end then game improvements need to happen. More clans in singles/multi is whats going to keep the server active, but it starts from the top first.
  5. Stl Arrow


    It is kinda sad to have This is so sad.....the more players that quit the worst off the server is 🤦‍♂️
  6. I would also like to add @7 dust was a huge help in regards to a ban issue earlier this morning. Definitely wasn't expecting him to respond or be of any help at all so thanks a ton homie.
  7. Some solid things on this list honestly.
  8. Stl Arrow

    feed back

    Overall the Staff in charge of this server need to work on their response times & being professional as you are in charge of a server that your player base are helping fund and keep alive. Especially the donators. Its ridiculous how some PM's go days without response.
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