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  1. lets hope! fingers crossed!
  2. since trying to complete my achievement log , the one that seems impossible at the moment is finding a lucky imp, after spending hours trying to force an imp in puro puro, to running around the world of os scape the last 3 weeks, i am yet to come across a lucky imp to complete the achievement, everyone who i have also spoken to , being friends, clan members, and staff, none of us have seen any, can the imp spawn rate be nerfed? dragon imp, i have only found 3, and being a 10hp hardcore skiller, its essential for achieving 99 prayer [dragon imp /bones] can the rates pleased be nerfed. also, being one for playing the game on a skilling basis, as a skiller, cosmetics become a key way of life 😉 i feel that the rewards from daily tasks to vote rewards, are a bit raw, i feel there should be some incentive, ranging from [orn] kits, to more cosmetics ,cosmetic boxes, army camo, elegant, to little things out of bobs shop, please update and keep the incetive for us irons to progress, even cosmetics and little things play a big role in long term vote development for the server and even donator rewards. also one main thing that needs to be implemented is the use of donator scrolls on iron accounts from normal, this adds a money sink ingame and also more ironmen donaters! needs to be added!
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