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    • Awesome guide  bud, dont see scythe in there?
    • Hi guys, welcome back to my COX GUIDE for OLM which is the final stage of Chambers of Xeric. You can check out my guide for rooms and puzzles by following/typing ::topic 920 in-game or fourms.         JOIN 'OS RAIDS' CC      The blue zones are the safe areas.  The left side of the room is the mage hand.  The right side of the room is the melee hand.   The dark blue line is where you longrange from when melee clenches.   The black square is the thumb, meet here for teleports.       NOTE:  BELOW ATTACK STYLE NOT CODED IN GAME AS OF YET.   Orbs will target you and turn off your prayer. Your prayer must match the color of the orb directed at you. You will get a chatbox message matching the color below to warn you:                                                       CRYSTALS - HIT HARD! watch out! When crystals appear at your feet, move away by one tile as shown below. https://i.gyazo.com/0b3cb3bb044ee6186d940ccb0d32a912.mp4   LIGHTNING Move out of the lightning's path (as shown below) . If you are hit, turn your prayers back on & you will be stunned for 3 seconds. https://i.gyazo.com/ee6b1a822e67ecb8f37ddd84e5b62148.mp4   TELEPORTS   When teleports appear, meet at the melee hand thumb. (AS SHOWN BELOW)   https://i.gyazo.com/ca439fa3bb9473e0bda5f0cb3e64475e.mp4   HEALING   The melee hand will heal from your attacks when the infinity symbol appears.         NOTE:  BELOW ATTACK STYLE NOT CODED IN GAME AS OF YET.     If olm throws random acid pools, don't stand on them.  If olm targets you with an acid trail, turn off run and walk east or west.    If olm throws crystal bombs on the ground, run away from them.   If olm targets you with falling crystals, turn off run and walk east or west.    If olm burns you, avoid other players. If OLM burns other players, avoid them.  If olm uses a fire wall, click on the flames close to anyone stuck inside to use a water spell and create an opening for them to run out.     IMPORTANT  On head phase, attack olm's head with RANGED  Stay in your original positions at all times during head phase.   Avoid the falling crystals by walking two tiles away.  If olm spawns blue pools, stand on the pools.       JOIN 'OS RAIDS' CC join our cc now for tips & raiding buddies, also a ranked member will assist you in anyway possible! dont be afriad to ask questions 🙂 ❤️   I Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and hope it helps! comment below what you think and what other guides you may want!  
    • Because the items will still have an in-game worth.
    • Why do tob all items will be in donator shop next week
    • Welcome.   I'm the #1pker.   Bye.
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