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❤️Kamikaze Infernal Capes❤️


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 Why should you choose us? 

Choosing us will save you alot more money, we are cheaper than everyone else.

7-10 minute capes 👍

Also i provide my own gear for the services.


How can i trust you guys by giving you my account details?

We will make sure that you change your password to something random before giving us the password, and make sure you have a bank-pin for your own safety. We will not ask for a bank-pin, as we mentioned before, we use our own gear. 

You could also trade all your valuables to one of your mules to be extra safe. 

What if you fail the cape?

If we for whatever reason cannot complete the service, you'll get a full refund. (we doubt this will happen if there isn't any problems with the server)

Payment Method

Blood_money_detail.thumb.png.9c64b97292d4253ff3db4972c2f33a4f.png We only accept blood money (in-game money) We do not accept 07 gold or in-real life money due to real world trading. Blood_money_detail.thumb.png.9c64b97292d4253ff3db4972c2f33a4f.png



Discord-Logo.thumb.png.5806102ad37cad4a2be5576ac9a7e4d7.png Join our discord server for more information. 

Click Here


In-game: Kamikaze





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