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The Mob

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Players must follow the rules of OS-Scape.

No toxicity.

Have fun!


About Us

This clan was created to provide a better experience of OS-Scape for all players and help each other and share knowledge of the server. 

Our clan will be a friendly environment where everyone can join no matter what your intentions are.

We hope to plan clan events in the near future.


Rank System

Captain_clan_rank.png?365eb Captain Rank - Highest rank in The Mob. Also represents a Moderator/Administrator in clan chat.

Lieutenant_clan_rank.png?69bfc Lieutenant Rank - Second highest rank in The Mob. Promoted from Sergeant.

Sergeant_clan_rank.png?ccf92 Sergeant Rank - Third highest rank in The Mob. Promoted from Corporal.

Corporal_clan_rank.png?a345f Corporal Rank - Fourth highest rank in The Mob. Promoted from Recruit.

Recruit_clan_rank.png?34f23 Recruit Rank - Lowest rank in The Mob. New members.



We do have an official Discord for all of our members to join and feel free to chat! Click on the image below;


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