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Hey Lily

I am Larry

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9 hours ago, Tatara said:

Nosimp when he's obviously being a simp just kidding lily is a really good helper!

This attempt to help someone regain access to their account has gotten outa control. I hereby rename this thread.

The lily appreciation thread 😄

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4 hours ago, EjM said:

Lily is a 40 year old man who named his os-scape name after his 2 year old daughter kinda sus tbh... who role-plays as a infant child.

At least get your facts right. Lily is a 26 year old male who names his account after his 1 year old daughter because he is a big fan of hers. The whole game is role playing but It's simply an account and a name?

Thanks for your useless feedback though 

Edited by Lily
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