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Running an RSPS Client in Sandboxie

Raw Envy

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Haven't played an RSPS before and worried about your computers security?

Run the client in Sandboxie for reassurance that you are safe. Sandboxie provides an isolated environment to easily run applications in, this means that your host operating systems drive cannot be permanently modified if a malicious hacker ever breaches an applications environment.


 How do I run the client in Sandboxie?

1. Go to https://sandboxie-plus.com and go to downloads, then install the correct installation for your PC
2. Once you have installed Sandboxie, simply right click the client and select 'Run Sandboxed'
3. Happy gaming! It's as easy as that to protect yourself when playing any RSPS


My client won't run in Sandboxie what can I do?

If your launcher doesn't work in Sandboxie then you can download the client which doesn't automatically update. Download links can be found here: https://os-scape.com/download


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