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  1. Bart

    [07/18/2018] Revision Bugfixes

    Dear community, We're updating OS-Scape with a handful of fixes regarding the latest update as well as certain improvements. We've also edited the prices of most items in the web store - check it out! Safezone Gorillas The Demonic & Tortured Gorillas are back to OS-Scape, and they can now be...
  2. Bart

    [07/14/2018] Revision Update & Bugfixes

    OS-Scapers, We're updating the server (and game client) with a handful of big, impactful changes. Some of these are not features but moreso engine changes, which will allow us what we have planned for upcoming update(s). Nonetheless, this update concludes a lot of bugfixes as well as slight...
  3. Bart

    Server Downtime

    Our server is back online - connection issues should now be resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  4. Bart

    Server Downtime

    Dear community, We're currently facing downtime on our main server. We're working on resolving this - just like Old School RuneScape is. Most likely we'll be first to be back online though. Apologies for the inconvenience. Allt he best, The OS-Scape team
  5. Bart

    Server Maintenance

    Community, In preparation for the upcoming update we're performing system maintenance on our game server starting at 1:00PM CEST. This maintenance is estimated to last approximately an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience. The server is now back online! We apologize for the inconvenience...
  6. Bart

    [04/20/2018] Economy Overhaul & Bugfixes

    I'll take a look for you real quick, one moment.. Okay so, after taking a quick look.. the tables seem correct. However, there's 3 different tables: low-combat, medium-combat and high-combat. The higher the revenant you slay, the better the drops. So that might be why.. try slaying high-level...
  7. Bart


    Awesome video, since we needed a refresher I've put it on the homepage. Keep it comin'.
  8. Bart

    [04/20/2018] Economy Overhaul & Bugfixes

    We're updating OS-Scape with a large overhaul of the economy, the general game progression as well as a lot of bugfixes. We hope this update finds you well, as it's entirely based on the feedback we've been given over the past days. Changes & Improvements We've made a large number of...
  9. Bart

    [04/17/2018] The Loyalty System

    Thank you for the feedback - you're completely right, we know there's lots to improve. We're trying to balance the two, but I can assure you that the next update contains tweaks, fixes and improvements. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for playing!
  10. Bart

    [04/17/2018] The Loyalty System

    I'm sorry to hear that, but we obviously also have to alternate between focusing on content and bug fixes. The next update will contain a lot of the required and suggested improvements! What would be something you'd care for, my man?
  11. Bart

    [04/17/2018] The Loyalty System

    We're updating OS-Scape with a whole new exciting system - The OS-Scape Loyalty System! The OS-Scape Loyalty System The Loyalty System is a way to say thank-you for playing. Every day, you can collect a reward just for logging in. But, there's a catch: logging in the next day gets you a bigger...
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    Welcome man.
  13. Bart


    Hahahaha okay okay, good meme. U win an update.
  14. Bart

    Lipsy is my biggest fan

    Lipsy is my biggest fan
  15. Bart

    [04/13/2018] Refunds & Combat Overhaul (+Fixes)

    It was either that, or a dead game. Since we care about the state of OS-Scape, we had to make this decision. We're not too happy with the solution, but we had to do something to avoid the massive influx. Our apologies, we're doing this with our best intentions in mind.
  16. Bart

    [04/13/2018] Refunds & Combat Overhaul (+Fixes)

    We're excited to announce the long-awaited Credit Refunds for people who have previously purchased items from the OS-Scape store. We would like to apologize for taking slightly longer than predicted; it has taken us quite a bit longer than expected to come up with a system that gives you, the...
  17. Bart

    Apple's Introduction!

    Hey Apple, great introduction! Glad to have you. How's your crypto portfolio looking? Just as saddening as mine?
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  19. Bart


    Much love man. Thanks for the kind words <3