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  1. Lipsy

    [08/29/2018] Staff Update

    Was good fun boys, good luck with future. I did lose motivation and I'm sorry
  2. Lipsy

    OS-Scape New Ownership.

    Welcome Bennie:)
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  4. Lipsy

    Server Maintenance

    Thanks for letting me know, I had 30 Zulrah kills in my diary for 1:00PM CEST.
  5. Lipsy


    Aw that is so sweet preston thank you!
  6. Lipsy

    [2018-06-09] 60 Combat PvP Tournament

    Count me in if i dont have to help
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  8. Lipsy

    [20-5-2018] Dharok PvP Tournament

    Good luck everyone
  9. Lipsy

    Single's team :o!

    We are no longer friends
  10. Lipsy

    Single's team :o!

    Baws i want to join
  11. Lipsy

    Short inactivity period

    Enjoy your weekend beard
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  13. Lipsy

    Is this normal? swear server is fucked

    Just very unlucky
  14. Lipsy

    [05/14/2018] Wilderness Hotspots, Bloody Volcano, Rev Caves Revamp, Bug Fixes, QOL and More!

    This is fucking beautiful and I love the work you have put in, it was totally worth the wait!
  15. Lipsy

    [01/05/2018] - Mystics Nh Tournament

    bracket :
  16. Lipsy

    [01/05/2018] - Mystics Nh Tournament

    Server has been up for long enough now, plenty of time to achieve both prayers. Revenants makes bank!
  17. Lipsy

    [01/05/2018] - Mystics Nh Tournament

    Don't see why not!
  18. Lipsy

    [01/05/2018] - Mystics Nh Tournament

    Time of Event Tuesday, 1st of May 2018, 8.00 PM (BST/GMT+1) Click Here for the Timer Rules You're allowed a maximum of 2 sanfew serums and 3 saradomin brews. You're not allowed to Tree hug / DD. Any toxic behaviour will result in a disqualification. If you're teleported to fight and you...
  19. Lipsy

    Mystic/Barrows Hybrid Tournament - 29/04/2018 - 7PM

    This Event has now ended. Thank you all for participating and thank you @Vocal & @Rickard for Helping with everything