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    [08/29/2018] Staff Update

    best of luck.
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    Appreciate the input, all have been taken into consideration.
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    Everybody below me is awesome!

    Everybody below me is awesome!
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    people die

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    We are taking a look into this thank you for your report.
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    Iron Man Arcane

    Oh how fast they grow :) i remeber when i let you have zammy room so u can get your spear. Look at you now with a arcane so proud *wipes tear from eye* lol
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    when power finally respects you/the better ones.

    This is so intresting glad you shared it with us.😪
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    OSS promo contest entry

    OMG this was actully so amazing to watch, the in between screen titles were a tad hard to read or understand but overall great showcase of the pking portion and pvming portion of the server, begining legit had me like.... this person cant be serious but overall great job! if i had to critic on...
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    Been awhile since i uploaded

    Wow amazing video CRAIG! i love the pking content, K enjoy my like + comment. Dont say i never did one. <3
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    The Ironman Race - Craig

    Good luck noob ^.^
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    The Ironman Race - Harsh

    Happy to be an inspiration <3 best of luck on the progress
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    The Ironman Race - Kindra

    Happy to be an inspiration <3
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    The Ironman Race - Vocal

    Gl to all you noobs
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    Missashley's PVM Completion Progress

    Wilderness non-event bosses pets complete!
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    Saw's Goals/Achievements V2 (Continued)

    Best of luck on your goals! I hope you have more success then my thread <3
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    Total Drops Guide

    Great Idea!, i recommend using the spoilers function to reduce the size of your thread space.
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    [05/14/2018] Wilderness Hotspots, Bloody Volcano, Rev Caves Revamp, Bug Fixes, QOL and More!

    Love the work you're putting into this, great additions changes and fixes! Keep up the great work!!!