[04/23/2018] Tournament System


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This update looks incredible and will bring so many new players to the game, one suggestion I could make is one of the tournaments be a simulation of the real osrs dmm tournament which normally pulls 80k+ views on twitch, so make it you can only use dmm tournament items (no zulrah etc) which would be sick
Thank you so much, man! Really appreciate the kind words. Yeah, honestly that's my main goal! I'm trying to replicate the OSRS DMM finale for the tournament system that way people can not only practice, but it gives some people who might not be able to experience it a chance to on here! I'm just hoping people have a fucking blast playing OS-Scape because that's all that really matters to me.

From personal experience and working with the people i work with i can tell you, imagination and creativity is what will make you a wonderful coder.
I agree, man! Honestly, when it comes to this sort of thing what I found was that the community seems to have the best ideas. I just try my best to make them come to life. :^ )
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i feel it's imperative you disable rigour/augury in these tournaments as they are something 99% of the game can't afford because of how ridiculously over priced they are and give a huge unfair advantage to anyone who has them, you could literally sit there bolt ragging in double hides with rigour and beat a skilled nher that's how unfair it would be
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