[06-10-2018] Dharok's PvP Tournament


Staff member

Me and Harsh will be hosting a dharok's tournament tonight. The event will start 6PM BST(1 hour 15 mins) FROM NOW at ::cammypvp

Gear Setup


The brew cap is set at 2.
You may not use a Rune Pouch.
You may not use an Infernal Cape.
The only allowed spec weapon is a Granite Maul or DDS.
Dragon boots may be replaced by Climbing boots or Rune boots.
Abyssal Tentacle may be replaced by a regular Abyssal Whip or Dragon Scimitar.
You may only bring sharks, karambwans, guthix rest and saradomin brews. Other ways of healing are not permitted.
Any attempt at cheating will result in immediate disqualification.


First place will win Ghrazi Rapier
Second place will win Dex Prayer Scroll
Third place will win Avernic Defender

How to participate

You must be in "Events" clan chat 5 minutes prior in order to be signed up for the brackets​