[07/18/2018] Revision Bugfixes

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Dear community,

We're updating OS-Scape with a handful of fixes regarding the latest update as well as certain improvements. We've also edited the prices of most items in the web store - check it out!

Safezone Gorillas
The Demonic & Tortured Gorillas are back to OS-Scape, and they can now be found in the safe area north of the Grand Tree. You can teleport there by paying 100bm to the Teleport Wizard in Edgeville. Be careful - they're strong, but their drop tables are rather rewarding. Good luck!

Fixes & Improvements
  • The clan chat interface has been fixed;
  • An uncommon bug causing players to "disconnect" has been fixed;
  • Sounds have been reenabled;
  • The 'avnanced options' button now works again and you can toggle the options;
  • Certain clientsided changes have been made to furthermore improve OS-Scape.

Price Changes
The store has had a price change, with the following amendments;
  • You will now get 75,000 BM for 50 Cr instead of 20,000;
  • The Infernal Cape has been discounted to 195 Cr instead of 295 Cr;
  • Mystery boxes are now 15 Cr per instead of 20 Cr;
  • A Rune Pouch can now be bought for 40 Cr instead of 50 Cr;
  • Flower Seeds are now 8 Cr per pack of 25 instead of 15 Cr;
  • Pet Boxes are available for 300 Cr each instead of 400 Cr;
  • A Prayer Scroll is now 199 Cr instead of 295 Cr;
  • Skotizo Keys can now be purchased for 15 Cr each instead of 20 Cr;
  • 3rd Age Mage Boxes are 500 Cr per instead of 750 Cr;
  • And the Dicing Bag can be bought for 500 Cr instead of 750 Cr now.
These price changes are permanent and the discounts do not go away. However, we obviously reserve the right to change prices later on down the road if we feel we need to.

Important Note
Prayer Scrolls will, in an upcoming update, be removable yourself, thus making into a tradable prayer scroll. Keep this in mind before purchasing a prayer scroll!

Another important note: you'll want to stock up on all kinds of pets. In an upcoming update, pets will suddenly be really, really cool stuff. Honestly.

We hope you enjoy this update, and as always are looking for your feedback!

All the best,
The OS-Scape team.
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dag bart,

je zou eens moeten kijken hoe battlescape er uit ziet nu meschien kan je daar wat tips van nemen .

Anyways nice updates man! u've finnaly listened to the community (well not that u never did tho)
safe spot gorrilas? add gorrilas back to the wildy but then x2 drop rate or something 2016 style

changing the store prices will effect the eco negativly even more the eco should be fixed asap


New member
can u play make this update? like when u kill someone at the wildy when you get his loot it should be clourd like when u kill him it should be easy to see what is worth it so we pick it i mean the point is to make make a colour <3 ty sweet owner and staff


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ummm I keep checking the store I I bought bloodmoney only to get 50k with both purchases when it says clearly 75k each so I'm short 100k
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