[15-06-2018] Tribrid NH Event

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Hey guys! I felt like it's time for another event, we're doing Tribrid NH this time.
We still feel like we're being a little repetitive on these, so again, don't hestitate to suggest new ideas for the events to us!

Friday, June 15th, 8:00 PM UTC.
Click here for the timer.

Gear setup:


You are allowed to bring a maximum of 3 saradomin brews. You need to use at least 2 sanfews, but you can swap out a shark and bring 3 sanfews if preferred.
You can only use Sharks as food, meaning no Anglerfish or Dark crabs. You can however replace sharks with karambwans.
You may bring a maximum of 10 sharks.
You may not use an Infernal Cape.
Blood barrage is not allowed.
The only allowed spec weapon is a DDS.
Seers ring (i) may be replaced by a Berserker ring (i) or Archers ring (i). Un-imbued rings are allowed.
Dragon boots may be replaced by Climbing boots.
Blessed spirit shield may be replaced by Spirit shield.
You may not DD under your opponent while fighting.
Rune platelegs may be replaced with dragonhide chaps.


1st place: 200 Credits
2nd place: 100 Credits
3rd place: 50 Credits


Reply to this topic with your in-game name, and join "Events" CC 30 minutes before the tournament begins.​
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