Bandit Squa


Team Bandit is a brand new team made up of friends and elite warrers across the runescape community looking for more action. This is an opportunity for additional competitive fun action in the os-scape community. Members of any clan are welcomed to join as long as you meet our high standards you'll be fine here. There will not be any biased towards you from whatever clan you come from. We are made up of pretty much ex runescape clanners we don't care what beef you have towards others. We are keeping it humble retardation will not be accepted in any shape or form. You'll quickly be removed faster than you came if you want to act like an tomato.. At the end of the day, we all play this game for fun so there is no point for stupid behavior. For those who do decide to try and join you don't need to worry about your IP. We will be using discord where no one can see it to reduce any scepticism or thoughts.