Corporeal Beast Guide


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This is a guide for Corporeal beast. As this is my first guide, it might not be the best one.

Now the money you'll get from Corporeal beast is highly based on your luck, so if you're looking for more constant and certain money then I recommend you either doing battle mages or revenants. I recommend using this really good guide made by Saw for revenants and battle mages: Click here for his money making guide.

Firstly the inventory and gear, which I recommend: Inventory should look something like this:

This is the gear that I highly recommend for best damage:

Let's start killing it! You want to bring dragon warhammer to lower the bosses defence. There won't always be players killing the corporeal beast, so dragon warhammer does make a big difference. Even if you had multiple people killing the boss, I would still recommend hammering it for faster kills per hour. Personally I like bringing the granite maul, because sometimes you know you're slightly short of damage to get the kill and a granite maul spec could make a difference and get you the kill. Pray protection from magic and use Piety!

How to get there :

First of all you want to dragon warhammer the boss twice and start killing it with the spear. Always keep the spear on STAB. The reason we bring rune pouch here is because we can put our vengeance runes there, which gives you damage and boosts the kill time a bit, as the corporeal beast often will hit 50s to your vengeance.

I recommend having auto retaliate on, when killing the boss.

What does corporeal beast drop? Well here you can see the drop table

Best of luck on your fights against The Corporeal Beast!
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