Future Of Os-Scape


This might be a good week for those who are still here. :)

Just tought i had to give u a small update because i feel like the staff is currently not doing it for what ever reason
hope this turns into something positive this time ,ive been very toxic to them telling them their lazy updateless etc etc etc ....

its not hate its sadness since this is the best rsps i ever played and to see it fall so many times hurts tbh

anyways these are some suggestions that i '(everyone) would like to see to restabilish the community

°Updates on what is coming or what has gone wrong 'negative or postive'
°Fix volcano (will prob happend)
°Eco reset (or a reworked eco reset)
°More wildy content for example
-Sigmund should buy more pvm items (only from wildy bosses)
-Better Bloody key rewards
°Store re-work 50 credits for 20k.. smh :D
°More Gambling activity or atleast a ::gamble command
°Fix right click on prayers

I'll update this topic once i get my head straight since belgium is facing france for half final so im preparing to watch the match!!!!!
i'm belgium btw and we never won a WC !!!!!!
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