Med Level Brid Tourney [IDEA]


Staff member
Would any1 be interested in a med level brid tourney?

75 attack
75 defence

99 everything else

Im thinking ill make an entry fee to make it even more interesting and we would set up a bracket system for those participating and have the reward be the money totaled from those who bought in.

the more who participate the bigger the reward.

We can do 1 for bridding and 1 for NH and set up brackets on both, buy in price will be the same.

Why med level? More fast action fight, hits are more frequent, more tanking involved, not a really ever a streak of 0s like on 99 def, and none of the med levels on here get to do much except spec for a team. Until now

Obviously some people are way better then others so i developed this idea which id need some1 to work on with me
A losers bracket

Basically the tourney will be elimination however each of the losers will enter a bracket of there own and a third of the total prize will be a reward for the winner of the losers bracket

I would like to hear everyones opinion on this, what the buy in should be, weather its spawn gear or any gear, lets work together on this.

Feel free to put any input :)